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I’ve had a mostly uneventful day, which is mostly good. Evidently there were only TWO doctors working at the fucking clinic today, so by the time I got through on the phone (at 8:15), there were no appointments left. However, when I told the receptionist that this back issue is fucking with my breathing now and again, she had me talk to a nurse, and the nurse got me a spot tomorrow afternoon with my preferred doc. And I won’t have to leave work too terribly early.

For the most part today I’ve dealt with the discomfort by getting up (to pee) a lot, hanging out on the sofa for a bit, and then taking a rather hot shower. (honestly that was due in part to no longer being able to stand the smell of myself, but still) Oh, and I took some Tylenol. (didn’t help much)

I did get some things done for work, got posts written up through Thursday (oh wow, that was really only 2 since Wednesday’s post has been written for ages), took some pictures for posts I didn’t write yet, found a great image I want to sketch, and decided what I’m going to draw for this week’s CCC – the theme for which is “happiness.” (make your pingbacks here, please) Oh, and I hung out on the sofa with Sissy Cat watching tv and attempting to knit. She’s not a good helper. And this morning I cleaned the bathroom down here (totally gross, it had to be done), emptied the litter box, and found an article that said you should feed the felines from a shallow dish that has a single layer of kibble. Allegedly this will keep them from leaving warm, wet piles of undigested food on your bedside rug. We shall see.

I have some fabulous ideas for things I’d like to do, but no clue when I’ll manage to do them. Story of my life, really. Sweet jezuz, is it really that late? Dammit, I better go start the dinner prep. Laters gators.