7weirdWhat is the weirdest way you’ve ever earned money?

Wow, whoever wrote these fucking prompts needs to be fired. Oh, wait, still me…

Here’s what’s likely to be the really weird thing about me – just how few jobs I’ve actually had. I started working when I turned 16 and have worked continuously since then. (I’m not counting the babysitting I did as a kid) Let’s see…

  1. Burger King – did damn near everything you could do there as a regular employee
  2. Sears Motor Club registration confirmation – telemarketing
  3. Subway – the sandwich shop
  4. Sprint – some other kind of telemarketing
  5. student worker – office gig on campus while I was an undergrad
  6. video rental store – that lasted less than 6 months, also while an undergrad
  7. computer lab consultant (read:  babysitter) – also an undergrad student worker gig
  8. web site designer – before you get excited, this was in the late 90s when all that shit could still be done with Note Pad and an FTP client, and it was also a student worker gig
  9. standardized test proctor
  10. inbound order person for a very large cheap novelty crap company – I was seasonal help and that lasted about 4 months, also while I was an undergrad
  11. phone based tech support for a company that made rating comparison software for insurance agents – my first “big kid” gig out of college
  12. help desk gig at the university – I think my official title was Technical Support Specialist; did that for 7 years
  13. instructional designer at the university – been at this for 6 years now

Thirteen jobs over 22 years – 13 of those years at the same fucking place, and none of them terribly weird. I know people my age, or younger, who have had way more jobs. In that respect I take after people in my parents’ generation – they would find a company they liked working for, and then stay.

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If I’ve missed anyone I apologize, just make sure to add your name to the list.