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attitude of gratitudeDepending on how you look at things, this week sucked ass. The stress reached new all time highs, I damn near walked out on my job, and I had to re-evaluate pretty much everything that’s been going on. But, I’ve come out the other side stronger.

I win.

1551566_758902780803693_1821284645_nSo here’s a list of the good things that have happened since last week…

  • I’ve started seeing T-Bone again. I had forgotten how much I enjoy our visits.
  • Shrinky-poo says I’m handling all of this really well and really appropriately. (suck it, boss!)
  • My GP said that I do NOT have fibro.
  • I finally got refills for my migraine medicine, which means I can stop rationing them.
  • I had a really good conversation with the kid about Bipolar.
  • I did some killer sketches.
  • I did manage to get on the treadmill once. That wasn’t as many times as I was hoping for, but once is better than not at all.
  • I am as prepared for the classes and chaos next week as I think I possibly can be, including how to handle food issues. I’m going to be even more oddly organized about stuff and try to have all of my outfits for the week planned and set out and the food things organized in the fridge. The less I have to think about the peripheral bullshit, the more I can concentrate on delivering the best possible instruction.
  • I have discovered that I really do like my own company and that being alone kind of rocks sometimes.