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10403579_812417982125575_1964033637689200356_nWhat a day… Last night I did just what I said I was going to – I relaxed, did my own thang, had a lovely time. I had pretzel crackers and sweet pepper/cream cheese dip for dinner while I putzed on the computer. I got myself signed up for Code Academy. I did my Cartoon Craziness Challenge AND Life Through the Lens bits done – they’ll drop together on Friday. I made a little origami thing. I read a few chapters in my book. It was FUCKING AWESOME.

Today, my boss – whom I had called and told about the car accident yesterday while I was waiting for the paperwork to be done with Mr. Police Guy – didn’t make contact with me even once. Josh yelled at me during my brief lunch break because somehow it was my fault that I was upset over him also not checking to see how I was doing. And that rotten bastard ate all the goddamn ice cream.

10551067_283737321798416_652318484643058797_nAnyway, I’m spent. I haven’t done anything creative or really physical because Mom is back home. We hung out, ate a majorly less than gourmet dinner, drove to Culver’s in our pj’s to get frozen custard, and then finally watched the finale of the Chopped Teen Tournament on the DVR. It’s been a great evening.