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2014-08-06 17.58.02Holy hell, 8 classes down, only one left to go. FUCK YEAH!

So last night I really and truly didn’t do anything creative, but that’s ok. I did manage to read my book for a bit before crashing. How stupid does it sound when I say that I had somehow managed to forget how much I love to read? Honestly though, I really need to keep this up.

I went and talked to K first thing this morning about what’s been going on with our boss and she said that the time had to Write the Email. And so I did. I gave a very factual and polite accounting of the week – how the classes have been going, the things I have asked for help with but not gotten, shit which is left unresolved, and an update on my mental AND physical health. I sent it to her and her boss, and I asked K to proof it before I sent it. She said it was perfect.

And that’s how I ended up having lunch with my boss and chatting like old chums.

10514683_300451900132917_233048208452255000_nAt any rate, I was given the blessing to leave tomorrow after the last class, which should be no later than 11:00am given that some moron booked another class immediately after mine. Yay.

Tonight I’m hoping to do… Something. I have no idea what yet. I’m not getting on the treadmill because I’m already entirely too tired and too sore. I’m contemplating drawing, though I may see about getting deeper into the Code Academy thing. I actually know a fair bit about HTML and CSS already, but I want to work on improving my skills – you know, just in case I decide to jump ship and need to look for a new job.

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