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mental health bannerMusic can do a lot to help, or hinder, my moods. It has also been known to enhance my productivity, both at work and at home. Music actually does a lot of things for me, except put me in The Mood. (never have figured that one out)

Pissed Off

Something best played loud, with a good beat – doesn’t even need words. My all time favorite song to listen to when I good and pissed is “Because I’m Awesome” by The Dollyrots. Just something about Kelly’s voice and the lyrics, works every time. “Gives You Hell” by All American Rejects is another good one.

Stressed Out

I prefer something more towards the instrumental side when I’m stressed. Scale the Summit has an album called “The Migration” that is amazing, and it’s great when I’m stressed. It’s instrumental metal, but not too heavy. It also makes for really nice background music. I’m also fond of – I know, I’m odd – bagpipe music when I’m stressed. Don’t ask me to explain it.


When I’m happy I’m not really picky EXCEPT that I want something I can sing to. Could be anything from the Steve Miller Band to Van Morrison to Pink to Bowling for Soup to Garth Brooks to Fountains of Wayne… The list goes on. Something with clear lyrics and a nice hook. Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is an all-time favorite that always makes me smile. Of course, so is Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.”


When I need to get work done, I turn on the tunes. Often it’s something a little less intrusive, more of a background kind of vibe. Mumford & Sons is great for that, as is much of the Celtic music I have. Something that sounds pleasant but doesn’t demand attention.


When I feel like being creative I like to either have total silence or something really funky. Weird Al is perfect for when I feel creative, as is some of the weirder Bowling for Soup, Barenaked Ladies, and Fountains of Wayne.

Those are some of my picks for different moods, how does music affect your moods and what are some your favorites when you’re up/down/sideways?