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sleepyThat was Evie Cat just a few minutes ago, and that’s pretty well how I feel. I am done and I need to sprawl for a nap. And yes, I will twitch my toes.

I had an opportunity to catch up with my boss again today before leaving and she said, again, that she had heard nothing but good things about all of the classes. The pain in the ass, S, said in front of our boss that she’s never in all her many years of doing corporate training seen anyone with the kind of stamina that I have. She also mentioned how at ease I am in front of a class.

Yes, bitches, I am a NATURAL. Suck it.

2014-08-04 20.47.47I want to thank y’all for hanging with me this week and helping keep me sane. Knowing that I had lots and lots of people I could reach out to and call upon was a huge comfort.

10343013_10152505536129656_5038936693493272624_nBut I’m really glad I don’t have to deal with the work people again for a few days. I’ll be going in tomorrow morning for about half an hour to do a demo, but that’s a cake walk in comparison to what was going on this last week.


I mentioned the other night that Josh had eaten all of the ice cream. He’s also eaten all of the cookies and all of my good crackers. I didn’t stop on the way home to get lunch because I figured I’d have lots of options here. Yeah, not so much. I ended up with frozen lasagna. There’s kind of a gigantic fucking mess down here and I really don’t care. I’m exhausted.

little flower dividerTomorrow is the cutest tiny little mommy’s birthday. We’re all (including my sister’s family) going out for Mexican food for dinner and then coming back here for cake and ice cream. H is already kind of being a shit about it. So anyway, if you wouldn’t mind, would you wish her happy birthday in the comments? She’ll be 21 years old. 😉

who wouldn't want to be her? she's adorable! and, just for the record, I really do own more shirts than just this one