reach for the starsWell now, THAT SUCKED. *sigh*

Ok, let’s be fair and look at what was going on last week. I had:

  • 9 classes that I taught – they all went well, but that was incredibly tiring, both physically and emotionally
  • a demo on Saturday with my boss which went a little less amazing than I had hoped it would
  • a car accident
  • Mom’s birthday, which meant dealing with my sister, who was diagnosed with shingles over the weekend – she’s bitchy enough as it is, but when she’s sick she’s damn near impossible to be around
  • Josh’s final exam was Thursday night, which meant that he went to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday to get everything done
  • I caught the bank out in a $50 error in their favor which resulted in an overdraft which lead to a $28 fee, all of which had to be corrected

So it’s really no big surprise that the specific things I said I wanted to do, didn’t really happen like I wanted them to happen. I did get my Cartoon Challenge drawing done and I’m really proud of it. I spent a little time on Saturday coloring with my niece. And I have selected a pattern to start knitting next. So all of that was good. I also spent a fair amount of time thinking about my longer term goals and how I might approach that project.

Treadmill? What treadmill?

Anyway, if doing this kind goal setting thing sounds like your cup of tea, join the Building Rome crew. It’s a totally awesome thing and really quite helpful.

The semester starts on the 25th. This week is also going to be mostly hellish, so I’m going to try to take it easy on myself. I’m going to need all of the stress management help I can get. Here’s what I’m going to try this week:

  • Start the new knitting project. This does need to be more than just getting out the yarn and needles – I need to at least cast on and get the first 2 rows done.
  • Read for a bit every night before bed. I can’t really say how long because some nights it makes me sleepy very fast.
  • Do something creative/crafty every day. This can include the Cartoon Challenge entry, knitting, coloring, origami, or sketching. Pretty much anything will count.