I’ve gotten to the point again where I feel like this blog might not actually be a good investment of my time. There’s shit going on, again, that just makes me sad. And I don’t really need sad.

All I’ve ever really wanted to do here was make people laugh, share some information about mental health to maybe help destigmatize it a little, and have a safe place to vent. And I’m not so sure that happens anymore. I feel like I’ve set these unrealistic expectations for myself and now, instead of being therapeutic, it feels like work.

I won’t be deleting my little home here, and I do still have plans to move myself onto a space that truly is my own. I’m just not there yet.

But I’m not going to be posting near as often. And I’m likely going to thin out the list of blogs I follow. There’s just too much drama out there and I don’t have the energy to put up with folks who bring their drama on themselves.

It’s not you, it’s just that my tolerance for bullshit has reached an all time low.

There are commitments I’ve made that I have every intention of honoring, but those posts may well be it for a time. I’m not sure if I’ll be tweeting, but that’s more likely than posts. You’re welcome to email me directly if you want at mentalinthemidwest at gmail dot com.

Mama out.