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reach for the starsThe last time I posted about Building Rome, my goals looked like this…

  • Start the new knitting project. This does need to be more than just getting out the yarn and needles – I need to at least cast on and get the first 2 rows done. I got the cast on done and that was it.
  • Read for a bit every night before bed. I can’t really say how long because some nights it makes me sleepy very fast. HA! Moving on…
  • Do something creative/crafty every day. This can include the Cartoon Challenge entry, knitting, coloring, origami, or sketching. Pretty much anything will count. I managed some creative things a few times, but not every day. Better than the reading goal.

I knew that life was going to most likely get in the way, and it did. But ya know what, that happens sometimes. You pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and get right back on that fucking bull.

In light of my Building a Life Worth Living stuff, my weekly goals here with Building Rome are going to start looking a little different. I’m going to do my best to aim for a Creative goal, a Stress Management goal, a Health goal, a Financial goal, and a School goal. The bigger concepts that are part of BLWL will get broken down to start fitting into those smaller weekly categories.

Let’s see what I can make happen…

Creative – Complete a sketch for CCC and do the Life Through the Lens challenge

Stress Management – Read before bed as often as possible

Health – Get back in the routine of taking a shower EVERY day and brushing my teeth every time

Financial – Don’t spend money on anything I don’t actually need; paying bills or buying groceries should be about all I’ll need to do – oh, and a hair cut

School – Successfully complete all of my assigned reading and homework for the week before it’s due

The theme for this week is actually “be happy” so I’m going to throw in one additional goal for myself to try to do a little something each day just to make myself happy.

10391417_10152247275246863_2461136602244544116_nSing it, Frankie…