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through the lensThe theme this week is Pain. I had quite a few ideas for this one, actually. It seems like I’ve packed a fair amount of pain into my years. But some of the pictures I found, even though they were older, much older, were still too fresh to take out and tell their stories. So I’m going with this one…

198176_5333837052_5425_nBelieve it or not, that was Evie Cat’s dad. His name was Galahad and he was an amazing little guy. We rescued him the old fashioned way – the downstairs neighbors had kittens, he kept escaping from their apartment, we lived in a terrible part of town, so I took him in. He and I became fast friends. (and the horny little bastard sired two litters of kittens)

When Rob and I separated, I couldn’t take any of the “kids” with me so he took Galahad to his sister’s to live with him. A few years later my little guy had a stroke and had to be put down. He was not the first cat I had ever had cross the Rainbow Bridge, but he was the first to do so while so far away from me. I never got to say goodbye and that was horrible.