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Well hell, it’s gone and gotten late and I’m not sure if I have it in me to give you all of the updates I wanted to in a proper fashion. Let’s see what I can squeeze out…

  • T-Bone thought that my sketches were neat, and quite telling of my personality. Evidently part of his research was on what you could tell about a person’s mental stuff based on the way they drew people. Fascinating.
  • Shrinky-poo wants more blood, damn vampire. I told her I’m tired of being heavy and she wants to have my thyroid checked. I’m also supposed to start keeping a food diary. Swell. I’ve put My Fitness Pal on my phone, now I just need to train myself to enter the bits I eat.
  • I am (mostly) officially off work until the 15th. I say mostly because I have to go to campus Tuesday morning for a meeting, but really only because I feel it’s important that I be there.
  • I do find myself feeling more at home in my mental skin than I ever have. My personality is finishing it’s blossoming stage, which should have probably happened years ago. I feel emotionally stronger, more sure of myself and my abilities, and I have a sense of self-confidence that’s always been there, but never this pronounced. Totally cool.
  • And finally, thanks to our good friend Farmer Farthing, I’ve setup an account on Red Bubble and I’m going to start offering some of my sketches, and possibly Josh’s, for sale on their merchandise. I’ll let y’all know when everything is up and ready. This could be the perfect solution to my goal of finding a way of bringing in additional income without killing myself.