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reach for the starsHoly buckets, do I have a lot to tell you! So much has happened recently and I don’t feel like I’ve had any time to properly tell you about much of it. But let’s start with the goals. If you’re interesting in joining the Building Rome crew, link up over here. It’s a great way to get yourself motivated to get things done.

Last week’s goals were:

Creative – Complete a sketch for CCC and do the Life Through the Lens challenge

Success! I did both of those things, plus some additional drawings.

Stress Management – Read before bed as often as possible

Not so great on this one. I did read some, for school, but I seemed to draw more often.

Health – Get back in the routine of taking a shower EVERY day and brushing my teeth every time

I was doing great on this until yesterday. Mom and I spent damn near the whole day cleaning and organizing stuff again, including the garage. By the time we got done I needed to do homework, so I skipped the shower. But that was the only day. AND, the other 6 days that I showered/brushed my teeth I also managed to floss before bed.

Financial – Don’t spend money on anything I don’t actually need; paying bills or buying groceries should be about all I’ll need to do – oh, and a hair cut

Uh, what? No, this one did not go well at all. I actually went kind of nuts with spending money I didn’t need to. For some reason I’m on a kick to redecorate. I ordered a new bedspread and got these great wall decal things to serve as a headboard. My space is looking amazing, but my bank account isn’t. We’ll try again next week.

School – Successfully complete all of my assigned reading and homework for the week before it’s due

If “just by the skin of my teeth” counts, then yes. It was technically all turned in on time. The reading isn’t done, but that’s on the list for today. And sometime in the middle of the night I realized that I’d actually done the assignment rather wrong and turned it in again this morning. I am apparently not fully back into student-mode yet.

flower dividerFor next week, let’s see if I can…

Creative – Finish the knitting project I started a few weeks ago.

Stress Management – Make myself some new CDs for in the car and listen to music at home when appropriate.

Health – Continue the daily showering/brushing/flossing stuff AND start keeping track of my food intake, as per shrinky-poo.

Financial – I’ve decided (with some encouragement) to open a Red Bubble store. I’ve got all of my drawings scanned, I just need to upload them, decide what stuff they’d be appropriate on, and write descriptions. That needs to get done this week. This would potentially take care of the goal to bring in additional income.

School – Get the book finished, get my assignments done early and do them properly; work ahead if possible.

Interestingly enough, the theme for Building Rome this week is embracing pain. I had to go to the dentist this morning to have two fillings done in two of my front teeth. I hate going to the dentist. He’s a lovely man, but needles in my mouth just totally fucking skeeve me out. So I asked him to do it without Novocaine. He looked at me odd and asked if I was serious. Hell yes, dude – let’s do it. There were a few moments that really did make me uncomfortable, and once I actually squealed a tiny bit, but I did it. Yay me.