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At the end of my second full day logging my food, I’ve come to a very startling realization.

2014-06-25 18.00.01I’m fat because I eat too fucking much food.

Who knew?

On the plus side, I’m getting high off Sharpie fumes from the 5 new CDs I just finished to put in the car. Very shortly I’m not going to give a shit about anything.

10437443_663646290357025_5501376831339322336_nBut the new comforter for the bed arrived and yesterday Mom brought home some new treasures that she rescued from my sister’s trash can, namely a very lovely mirror for my office, a large print of an orchid plant that I hung in the basement bathroom (nothing says class like orchids in a bathroom with a bare concrete floor AND a litter box), several new throw rugs for the bathrooms (which are damn near new), and a beautiful HUGE Longaberger basket. (closest I can find to it is this, but this fucker has a solid wood lid and might be bigger) She had just chucked all of that stuff into the trash because she was tired of it. So Mom rescued it, I kept those bits, and there’s still more that I didn’t want that’s going to Goodwill when I make my drop off later this week.

Anyway, I’ll pop back in tomorrow with pictures. The living space is coming together nicely and Evie seems to love the new bedding.