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2014-09-09 20.06.09Sissy Cat does not like having her hair cut, but it’s necessary. She’s got a really thick, really long, double coat and she just can’t keep up with the grooming anymore.

2014-09-10 09.04.00From behind it looks like she’s got old man balls. Poor little girl.

2014-09-10 13.46.52Sorry for the weird halo at the top, to get the truest color I had to turn the lights off and open the blinds all the way. It’s soft and beautiful and really fucking warm. Evie loves it.

Yesterday and today were pretty ridiculous. The meeting with the faculty member went alright, but then all hell broke lose last night and I started working on stuff this morning with my boss, only to find out that two of the others were working directly with the faculty guy and so she got pissed and I gave up. I’ll be getting roughly 4 hours of my vacation as comp time now because of it. Yay?

I had therapy with T-Bone yesterday, which was awesome as always. I didn’t have a co-pay for whatever reason, I took my school book and read in the waiting room, and we had a really nice visit while it stormed like crazy outside. It was so bad we had street flooding in a lot of areas. Fortunately it was a very fast moving storm and it came in and went back out all in the 45 minutes I was there. And, he asked me if I’d be interested in tutoring someone on basic computer skills. He has another patient that needs some help and he’s trying to encourage her, so he wanted to know if it was alright to give her my contact information. Hells yes, my good man. And here we have another potential source of occasional extra income. SCORE!!!

I’ve finished the last of the cleaning out/rearranging/organizing bits I can do until payday, and then there’s only one thing I really need to get to complete my Master Plan – a USB hub with it’s own power supply. All of the electronic bits that Josh needs plugged in on his side of the bed have the option of running off USB, with the exception of his lamp. So rather than have a whole mess of power cords, I can plug in one thing that will sit nicely on his nightstand, and he can plug the cables in to that.

Anyway, things are going good, though not necessarily how I’d thought they would. I did get 5 new CDs made last night, which was one of my goals, and I’ve been logging all of my food in the app. I haven’t showered yet today, but the day isn’t over yet. And, something that wasn’t on my list for this week but was on the big list, is mostly done now.

knitting-23928_640I went through my stash of knit and crochet patterns and did my brainstorm of things that could get done in a month’s time. I also added some generic things like “make a shrug” which could be either knit or crochet and can actually be done without a formal pattern. Anyway, I made my list and then marked if I had a pattern already and if I knew I had yarn. That part isn’t totally done, but nearly. I’m trying to decide now if I should start that at the beginning of a month or just hop in midstream.

10402595_307510376082195_4239650551410689905_nNo, I’m not really trying to make fun of people who suffer from depression. It’s just funny because I do have the occasional dip down into the depressed end of the bipolar spectrum AND I own cats. Cats who don’t enjoy being picked up. But I digress…10537023_949834695043539_45367453634583075_nIt’s Invisible Illness Awareness Week right now. Invisible illnesses are things like bipolar and depression, but are also things like fibro and auto-immune disorders. Basically anything that makes you feel like shit, isn’t contagious, and other people wouldn’t readily be able to spot. Shit most of us just quietly live with.

Always-Show-More-KindnessIt costs us nothing to be good to each other, and sometimes your kindness is all someone needs to keep going another day.

c04a15e6a7e2d0dcfb8e8b09a955f6b1There’s a hell of a lot more to us than the things we take medication for. We have feelings, we have ambitions, we have dreams.

tumblr_mk09t8K3Rn1s7ywz1o1_500Okay becomes such a relative term when you have an invisible illness. But please don’t stop talking to us about what’s going on entirely, just don’t expect some trite one-word answer when what we really need is to bitch and moan for a little while about precisely how much this shit fucking sucks.

what is normalWhen it comes down to it, we really just need friends. Don’t treat us like lepers, but don’t feel like you have to invite us along for the extreme river rafting tour of the Grand Canyon either. Call or email or text as it seems appropriate, and invite us to do things as they seem appropriate. But try to be understanding if we say no or if we back out at the last minute. Sometimes our bodies and brains betray us, and we feel totally shitty having to cancel on you. It just kind of is what it is.

worst things to sayThis list actually applies to damn near any invisible illness