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2014-09-11 19.02.05That was her tiny fluffy highness last night, sleeping on her tiny pillow which is on her special blanket. That cat is Spoiled. And utterly adorable.

I managed to get quite a bit more progress made on the towel last night, which was good. I also found a pattern I’d forgotten about for yarn that I already have. Still no ideas for that gorgeous rainbow yarn, but there’s plenty of time.

Josh stayed true to his word last night and did homework for about an hour. It was long enough that I was able to get one of the assignments for next week done. I’m debating about trying to do more while he’s still at work this afternoon.

I did manage to get the blood draw taken care of this morning, which the bare minimum of problems. It only took one stick and, even though I bled really slow like usual, she got enough on that first try. And then, since I had to fast for this, I rewarded myself with the Best Breakfast Evah!

FB_IMG_13967050248960196Cheese pizza made on a salt bagel and a Diet Trop-a-Rocka Snapple, from the best kosher deli around. I also picked up some of their homemade garlic and herb cream cheese and some Everything bagel chips for later. There’s a party in my tummy, yay!

Anyway, I got some good/sad news last night. My BFF broke up with her boyfriend earlier this week, which was kind of sad. She realized that he just wasn’t near as supportive of her as she was of him, and she needed more. There was a group of her friends that had all gotten tickets to see Phantom of the Opera later this month, and he was supposed to go with them, but when she told him she wanted to break things off he decided not to go. So she called me last night and offered me his ticket.

Phantom is one of my favorite musicals, so I’m thrilled to get to go. It’s not here in town so we’ll be driving a few hours to get there, but they had gotten the matinee tickets so I’ll be back the same night. This is particularly good because Josh gets the kid that weekend.