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2014-07-24 19.40.56Well, something like that.

After I posted this morning I tried to just suck it up and get shit done. And for the most part that’s precisely what I did. I finished what I needed for a new class next week, and I’m actually really proud of what I’ve produced. So yay for that.

Tonight I went and saw a GP. My skin is driving me around the bend and it’s doing new unpleasant things. I wanted answers this time, real fucking answers instead of just being told that I’m fat.

The new unpleasant thing is actually no big deal. There’s a cream waiting at the pharmacy that will clear that bit up within a few weeks. She had no idea about the nasty bruise that sprung up, but said not to worry. And she talked to me about options for those rotten little cyst things.

My next step is to make an appointment with a dermatologist, one she says is delightful and compassionate and thorough. She outlined the three treatments that are typically used for this (that the previous lame excuse for a dermatologist neglected to mention at all) and quite honestly, they all kind of scare the hell out of me.

But this was one of my goals. I wanted to find out what could be done, and I’m doing that. So yay for that as well.

I need to talk more to Josh and Mom and get their input. The good thing is that if this dermatologist is as amazing as advertised, Josh can get help, too. And this should be covered by our insurance.

Right now I just mostly feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot to do for school yet this week and I’ve got a meeting to train people to do web stuff in the morning and then a training session for the help desk kids in the afternoon. I’ve pretty well decided that I just can’t go to see Phantom this weekend with F because there’s too much to do and I’m fried. And that sucks.

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