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2014-09-02 23.38.25I’ve been wearing that look ^ most of the day. Here’s my whiny ass list of excuses…

  • I’m exhausted. Josh got home late and accidentally woke me up at 12:30am on his way back from a snack raid.
  • I hurt. Evidently since my brain knows I have a dermatologist appointment scheduled my body has decided to put production of “shitty ouchie things” into high gear. They’re spreading into Very Unpleasant places. Can’t even adjust my undies without making myself wince.
  • Hurting and being otherwise generally miserable is making me crave comfort food (read:  M&Ms, ice cream, peanut butter – and really, all 3 at once would be just SUPER) which is making me wildly embarrassed about how much garbage is going in my mouth so I’m not tracking it all. Because I suck.
  • I have homework to do. Josh is doing his homework tonight because it’s the only time he has. I should do mine, too. BUT I DON’T WANNA!!!
  • We had potstickers and eggrolls for dinner, which is two foods that contain cabbage. I love cabbage. You really don’t want to be within a 10 mile radius of me when I eat cabbage. Oh well, I never really liked Evie Cat anyway.

On the plus side…

  • Last night I uploaded larger images of the stuff I have in my Redbubble store so that they’re available on a larger selection of shit. Please, go buy something.
  • I have very little homework this week. The prof is traveling this week and I guess since she’ll be behind in grading, we don’t have much of anything to do. That applies to next week as well. The real bonus is that I should be able to work ahead.
  • I had a nice session with T-Bone this afternoon. Always lovely having a chat with him.
  • I figured out where the dermatologist’s office is. It’s on the way from work to where shrinky-poo and T-Bone are. Oh, and it’s right next to a fucking mortuary.
  • I got my drawing for the Cartoon Craziness Challenge started the other night and it’s looking decent. At Josh’s insistence I’ve moved into a larger sketch book, and I have to admit, having more room is coming in handy for this one.

10670101_1293223754098658_2116463747670301434_nAnd yes, yes I used that phrase as often as possible today. You should try it, it’s fun.