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7102db66d9276a60ec5c011e349414f8Terrible, yes, that’s it – TERRIBLE. That’s exactly what today was. Only…

I taught my class this morning and even though I only had 2 people show up, it went well. They both said they got something out of it and quite enjoyed it. I only wish the computer wouldn’t have insisted on fucking things up for me.

Imac_16-9Rotten little bastard!

I found out that the homework assignment for this week, that I had thought last night was significantly worse that I’d anticipated, was a mistake. We can still do those exercises for extra credit – praise the almighty Ceiling Cat! – but now we’re supposed to take a quiz instead. Nice.

Farmer Farthing had said if I could put a purple version of my Celtic Green Man up on Redbubble big enough that she could get a print of it, she would. And I did, and then she did. And really, he’s quite lovely.

purple man

YAY! My first sale! I’m all like official and junk.

I’ve been doing really good with some of my goals for this week, but not all of them. And really, that’s just fine. Given the amount of stress, and PAIN, I have right now I’m really pretty proud of myself that I’ve made it to work every day. Tomorrow I should have my Cartoon Craziness Challenge picture ready to post, and I must say, he’s turning out lovely.

So, the bad part of today…

I can’t recall a time in my entire life that I have ever been in this much pain. These monstrosities have invaded and doing damn near anything hurts like hell. Wearing pants is bad, but not wearing pants is worse – same with underwear. Sitting is bad, but standing is often worse. Getting in and out of the jeep is about enough to make me cry. And Josh has confirmed that I’ve got what is almost certainly a mass of infection in my left leg.

I’m going to try to get through the next few days without resorting to a trip to the GP or, worse, the emergency room. I’d really just as soon have an expert working on this, and I know from experience that it’s entirely possible for the infections to clear on their own provided you don’t go fucking about with the sores. Things are so terribly tender right now that just having Josh touch the area to see if it was warm was enough to make me cry out.

I’m going to see if one of my headache tablets will help with this at all, though I’m not that hopeful. I figure it can’t hurt. I have the evening mostly to myself since Josh is at school and Mom is babysitting my sister. She had her boobs redone today and I guess since that’s such a shitty decision in the first place, they don’t want her left alone in case she decides to make more shitty decisions.