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hardshipsWow, that was quite the week. I’m glad it’s over and I am really hoping that the weekend turns out better. Sweet christ on a cracker, it’s got to be better…

I went in for my monthly haircut yesterday. Yes, I said monthly. At the end of every month, when payday rolls around, I go see my hairdresser for at least a trim and to get my eyebrows waxed. It’s one of the few “girly” habits I have. Lately I’ve been getting my color touched up every other month, but only because I prefer my silver in my jewelry, not my hair.

Anyway, I’ve been pissed with my hair lately. It had no shape, it was really curly in some spots and not at all in others, and just kind of made me feel old. I had 1990s hair, and I hated it.

I told her this yesterday and she took a ton of weight out of the back and sides. I have easily enough hair for 3 people anyway, so it’s not like you can really tell. And I have no fucking clue where all of these curls come from. My hair was completely stick straight until after I started taking Lithium, but shrinky-poo swears it’s not her fault.

At any rate, it’s better, much better. It’s coming up on 8:30pm here now and I still have it down. Normally I would have pulled it back in a messy bun as soon as my last appointment of the day was done. But this, this is really kind of pretty.

Do I actually think anyone gives a shit? Not really. But I don’t have much else to write about at the moment. Evie has yet another new perch, Sissy was playing with a rubber band earlier, and I have almost all of the housework done already. So yeah, here’s a picture of my hair….

2014-10-03 20.31.52Gawd I hate taking selfies

Work today was decent. I had time for a nice chat with my boss, I got some progress made on a project I’ve been trying to put behind me for awhile now, and we ordered in good lunch. Plus on Fridays I always leave a little early, so bonus. This is Josh’s weekend to get his daughter and I’m not sure yet what we’ll do with her.

Thank you again to all of you who have been offering kind words of encouragement lately. It means a lot to me knowing I have such amazing friends in all of you.