This was just a part of what I had to do for this week’s homework. The topic for this week was “organizing information” and I had to pick one of a list of shitty little prompts and write a discussion about it. I opted to write about “the room in which you’re sitting” in a spatial style. Enjoy?

Entering from the doorway it’s apparent that this room serves as a bedroom, an entertainment area, a home office, a kitchenette, and a library. The total space is roughly 12 feet by 20 feet with 8 foot high ceilings. Two adults and a cat call it home.

To the left of the doorway is the television sitting on top of a tall dresser. Placing the television there, the highest point in the room, allows for easy viewing from multiple angles. The bottom drawer of that dresser is used for storing extra decorative pieces.

Immediately to the right of the dresser is a free-standing mirror. The placement is unusual but it does serve to hide the access doors to the under-the-stairs storage area. The storage area contains the majority of the household’s holiday and seasonal decorations, printed photographs, and memorabilia.

Working around the room clockwise is the bed. There is no head or footboard on the bed which helps reduce the amount of floor space it occupies. Instead there are decorative wall stickers positioned between the pillows and the bottom of the windows and the deep window ledge is used to hold decorative pieces. At the foot of the bed is a cedar chest which holds sweaters inside and a cat bed on top.

Continuing around the room is the fireplace wall which contains the stereo and CD rack as well as a long, short dresser. The CD rack was formerly a very small bookcase and easily fits on top the fireplace hearth. On the other side of the long dresser is a computer desk sitting in front of a second cedar chest. This second chest holds more sweaters and miscellaneous supplies and also sits on the hearth. On top of it is another cat bed.

At the end of the hearth is a jewelry armoire. Several of the larger bottom drawers have been used to hold precious items. To the right of the armoire is a full sized refrigerator covered in artwork and filled with sweet tea.

On the other side of the fridge is the start of the library area which begins with a vintage chair and a stack of storage bins and baskets filled with craft supplies. The chair is often used as another cat bed and is kept covered with a towel for protection. To the right of the chair is a built-in wall of cabinets and book cases with a countertop in between. The bookcases are filled with books, craft magazines, and knick-knacks. The countertop is used for displaying memorabilia and as a staging area for projects and work-day preparations.

Next is the door into an adjacent multipurpose room. It’s a combination half-bath, utility room, and closet. Back in the main living area on the right side of the door is the second computer desk. There is exactly enough room on that wall for the desk as the far right side of the desk aligns with the door entering into the room.