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Pardon me, this probably isn’t going to make any sense.

As you should know by now (unless you’re just joining the party) I have Bipolar Disorder and am heavily medicated for everyone’s protection. One of my primary side effects when not medicated is rampant insomnia. I think my record for “consecutive days without any sleep” is something like SIX. My rotten little brain is just a little too sensitive with the chemicals to be able to properly shut down without some intervention every night. So I take my 13 pills (that is no shit) and hope for the best.

And most of the time it’s fine, unless I get sick with something that makes it hard to breathe.

People who don’t have to take meds like this take for granted the ability to take something in the over-the-counter class of snot reducers. There is none of that for me. NONE I say! Any kind of decongestant totally negates all of my sleepytime pills and I end up awake all night anyway. I can breathe, but I’m awake and then end up grumpy. No damn good.

Instead, I get this…

vapor-rubAnd a lot of this…

kleenexI think I’ve let out so much that my sinuses are going to turn themselves inside out pretty soon. And my nose is raw from all the sneezing and blowing. And I have a sinus headache.

So even though I’m pretty sure this is just a sinus infection at worst and not actually Ebola, I kind of wish it was. I just got my keyboard wet. Gotta go.

nose-blowFor the love of gawd, just fucking kill me now…