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top 10 tuesdayGreetings kids, welcome to the return of Top 10 Tuesday!

Top 10 Reasons Mama Rents time with Children (instead of having given birth)

  1. Bipolar is strongly suspected to be genetic and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  2. If I don’t get enough sleep for enough nights in a row, I require hospitalization. Babies aren’t known for sleeping in a predictable fashion.
  3. No one really wants a little version of me running around, least of all me.
  4. Diapers.
  5. In order to even get pregnant I’d have had to go off all of my psych meds for at least 9 months, probably longer. NO.
  6. I have a hard time taking care of my own basic needs some days. It wouldn’t be at all fair to a child to have to rely on me for much of anything.
  7. I’m selfish and if I want to blow all the grocery money on cigarettes and energy drinks no one is going to call Child Protective Services on me.
  8. There is way too much pressure to pick the right name for your baby. I couldn’t deal with that sort of stress.
  9. I don’t need a reason to get fatter.
  10. It’s way more fun to load someone else’s kids up with candy and junk food and then send their little asses home.