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Well, not quite nothing. Just mostly nothing I guess. Here’s what (little) has been going on:

  • I figured out the easy way to change the color of my text without doing a damn bit of coding. HA!
  • I’ve been fucking around with my banner some more. Still not sure I love this one either, but it’s interesting. Maybe I’ll feel like drawing some later today and I’ll get something even better.
  • All of my homework for the week is done. AND I found a free electronic version of the novel through Google so I can easily search for these weird-ass terms. YAY! I’m contemplating getting a head start on next week’s work, mainly because…
  • Next Friday we leave for Minneapolis!!! I’ll only be gone over the weekend but I am so looking forward to this.
  • I decided that I’ve achieved one of the 10 Life Worth Living Goals already, the one dealing with my skin. No, the condition isn’t totally gone, but I’ve found a doc that I trust and I’m doing the things I’m supposed to and it is getting better.  So YAY again!

If I manage to come up with anything exciting later I might pop back in. I’m definitely going to take it easy this weekend. Perhaps a little tele and some knitting would be good…