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I am so confused. This whole being sick bullshit is for the birds. I’ve got so much to do right now, and not much time. GAH.

10629871_10152703059599589_2938248387913644059_nI did manage to clean up our living space yesterday and that helped my poor little brain quite a bit. Chaos is my sworn enemy. I also managed to get one of my homework assignments for the week done. I did the other one, but I did it completely wrong so I’ll be redoing it tonight. Fortunately I found that out before submitting it. And it shouldn’t take much, I just need to write a Process Description, which I guess is kind of like vague directions or something.

unnamedI’m only working two days this week and I think that’s most of what’s really throwing me. I’m here today and then tomorrow and then we’ll hit the road Friday as soon as Mom gets home. I’ve scheduled vacation for Friday so that I can get the house cleaned up and all of the laundry done. I also scheduled vacation for Monday so that I can recover and do laundry. Laundry just never ends.

trex making bedJust to give a little official midweek update on the goals…

  • I haven’t done shit for the Creative goal cuz I suck
  • I read my book for 45 minutes last night
  • I am taking all of the many MANY extra meds as prescribed and am starting to feel better
  • No trips to the doc this week, yay!
  • As I mentioned, one assignment is done and turned in and I anticipate the other getting finished tonight

10527820_607123489401676_5174935960584619_nI anticipate being totally kick-ass productive tonight. There’s really just too much to do not to. My leg still kind of hurts, but not terrible. And I really am hoping the antibiotic pills will help.

I’m getting really excited about our mini-vacation. We’re headed to Minneapolis to go to the Mall of America, Ikea, and possibly an outlet mall on the way back home. I haven’t done shopping like this in years and I cannot fucking WAIT!!!

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