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Josh has been in a car accident. He wasn’t hurt, but the Honda will certainly need some time at the body shop. That poor damn front bumper doesn’t stand a chance. Right now I’m waiting to hear if I’ll need to call a tow truck immediately, or just have it towed to the shop tomorrow. I’m also waiting to hear if he’s getting a traffic ticket.

He says that it wasn’t his fault and that he’s got two witnesses who will back up his statement that the other guy was in the wrong. Interestingly enough the other guy lives two houses up from us. And Josh was less than a mile from home.

My list of things to do before we leave on our trip tomorrow is rather monumental, even for me. The very last thing I needed right now was an additional stressor. But I’m going to do what I do best and keep plugging away.

But this was not the update I wanted to give you.