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1601003_10202993926112464_5338409037603199677_nJosh really is fine, which is good. The Honda is in the garage because the front tire was rapidly going flat last night and the bumper was holding on by a thread and I really didn’t want to have that stuck behind the Jeep and not be able to get out today. We called our insurance company last night to report the claim and the other guy had evidently called his company while waiting for the cops and told them he was going to dispute our claim.

But that was before his twatwaffle self got the motherfucking TICKET. Suck it beeyotch!

10389437_283737471798401_5576553049691579649_nAnyway, I’m waiting for the claims adjuster to call this morning so I can find out how to get a tow truck to come get it. The whole front end of that poor damn car is going to have to be replaced or redone – bumper, hood, grill assembly including headlights, tire and rim, driver’s door, brakes, and Josh said the transmission was acting weird. I hate to even voice this fear, but it could be enough to total the car.

The+receiver+is+all+like...+Fuck+my+life+_9e7ba5b318c059c6fb793a5a3e779ca0I’ve still been trying to get stuff done. I turned in my last assignment for the week a few minutes ago and I’ve been burning CDs to take with. The to do list is slowly getting whittled down.

I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to post at all this weekend or not. I’m taking robo-phone and my iPad so I’ll have the necessary tech, I’m just not sure I’ll have the necessary time. But I’ve already promised some folks pictures so expect a full onslaught on Monday at the latest. I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.