reach for the starsIf you’re just joining me for the first time, I’ve got a list of 10 Major Goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40 in 2016. That’s what I refer to as my Life Worth Living; it’s a DBT thing. If you don’t want to stay stuck where you’ve been in life, you have to figure out where you want to go and what it would take to truly make your life worth living.

To get there, I’m using the Building Rome setup from Green Embers to break those major goals into smaller, more manageable pieces that I tackle on a weekly basis. Every week I do a Creative, Stress Management, Health, Financial, and School goal that tie back to my personal Building a Life Worth Living project.

I would strongly encourage anyone who wants a little boost in helping achieve goals to join Green Embers and the rest of the Building Rome crew as we reach for the stars.

Update from last week:

Creative – I need to make a few bits for care packages that I’d like to send out soon, so I need to figure out what I’m making and then make it. I did start making my list, but that was as far as I got.

Stress Management – I really need to get back on to doing things for myself again to relax in the evenings. I’d like to try to get back to the point where I do at least a small sketch every night. I did some sketching and some reading. I also found the road trip to be quite good for the stress levels.

Health – I’ve got to get rid of this virus. I hate feeling like this. Today is my 3rd day away from work and that’s just kind of killing me. I called the doc’s office right when they opened and someone is supposed to call me back, but that’s been 90 minutes ago. The woman I talked to wasn’t sure if the doc would be able to just call out an antibiotic or if she’d want to see me. I did get an antibiotic and, in general, feel much better. I still have lingering vestiges of this mess that require taking an over the counter med, but I’m nowhere near as miserable as I was.

Financial – Try to minimize how many times I have to go see the doc. We don’t have a co-pay, but we have to pay every time we go and that gets expensive. I managed to not have to in to see any of the docs last week. YAY!

School – Finish all of my homework before we leave Friday afternoon. Done!

flower dividerGoals for this week:

Creative – I still have some of my Christmas money from Mom left and I have the day off work today, so I’m going to the bead store. I got a book on our trip about making wire jewelry and I had found a pattern on Pinterest for making rings a bit ago so I really want to go get the supplies I need for that.

Stress Management – I need to get on top of the chaos that’s crept back in lately, both at home and at work. I tried to do some of that before we left on Friday, but it seems like I always kind of let my stuff explode when I get home from a trip. That’s a huge part of why I’m home today. I need to make a concerted effort to get myself organized again. This is going to include getting my ass in gear and working on those care packages.

Health – Time to get back into the full hygiene routine.

  • Brush and floss 2x/day
  • Shower every day
  • Use special soap stuff at least once a week

Financial – I need to look at numbers this week. I’m really concerned that the Honda is going to be totaled, so that means buying a car again. Hopefully I’ll get enough out of it to pay off the balance of the loan. I won’t really know anything for several days yet. The claims adjuster is coming this afternoon to look at it. Anyway, I need to be prepared.

School – I want to get my homework done today if possible. There are only 2 discussion posts to do, and some replies that can’t be done until other people post, so that shouldn’t be too bad. If I can, I want to try to work ahead. We won’t have Josh’s daughter here for a visit until November 1, but that week is going to suck for homework.