Hey folks, Evie Cat here.

2014-08-05 17.40.54I’ve been busy punishing Mama for being gone too long. I mean seriously, I had to drink warm water and my cup ran low. AND, I could see the bottom of my kibble dish. It was like living outside or something.

2014-09-11 19.02.05

I’ve grown accustomed to certain amenities, you know. I have needs, I’ll admit it. It’s hard being this cute.

2014-10-13 21.05.34

And it’s not like I ask a whole lot. I want my box cleaned twice a day, the kibble bowl to always be full, something fluffy to sleep on (actually, lots of fluffy things to sleep on), some toys, and that goddamn water glass to always be full and cold. Maybe something unusual now and then to play with…

2014-10-21 16.57.06Dad started getting boxes of stuff today, which of course means I got new stuff to play with.

2014-10-21 16.56.56


And you wonder why I puke on the bed all the time…