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10307168_925204954173180_6310992233200373055_nI have been a woman on a mission lately, hence the “guest” post from Evie Cat yesterday. We’re still fucking around with the car accident mess and the douchenozzle’s insurance company is giving me the run around, so we only have one vehicle. This means I’m riding to work with Mom and getting here at 6:30am. I don’t mind actually, it gives me more time to get stuff done before anyone else arrives. Tonight has the potential for being interesting as Josh has school and doesn’t have time to pick me up and make it there on time, so I’m going to see if one of the gals I work with, who lives in the neighborhood next to ours, can take me home tonight. If not, I’ll wait here at the office until 6 when Mom can get me. And I don’t mind that either because I have the stuff I need to do homework with me and a knitting project.

Last night I spent about 2 hours working on jewelry/care package projects. I’m still working out a few of the details, but I’m making progress so that’s good. I want to have everything done when I get paid again next week so that I can get everything sent off.

10347233_628960707202152_5729503734512741507_nI’ve also been rocking it at work. I got totally caught up with my email and voice mail messages yesterday, I got 3 posts written for our blog, got my office cleaned back up, started lining up dates and times for my spring training classes and got the registration links setup, and printed some materials so I can write more blog posts. Mama is a busy girl.

10540833_881279355226410_2961674759410414683_nI’ll be able to enroll for the Spring semester on November 4, so I started looking for a class yesterday. Fortunately I’m to the point where the Wicked Bitch prof won’t be required. I found two that are listed as approved electives that sound really interesting. The best part is that I’d be home by 6pm.

a96b33f431ef3c545712b1392418e71f473e5641982f3901f15a41b5d416fdb7That’s about all I know for now. I have one thing left from yesterday that I didn’t get done that I want to – assembling the star lamp that I picked up at Ikea. It frightens me that it came in a flat box. Hopefully I can do this without killing myself.