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I’m not doing that well this morning.

1912181_352728494893716_8942037320094095683_nI’ve been getting up a lot earlier to catch my ride with Mom, staying late to catch rides home, trying to stay on top of my school work, trying to get ahead at work, and this fucking antibiotic (that I am STILL taking) is about to kill me.

10449513_899275703430896_2957023684307731292_nJosh did get a message yesterday from the insurance company saying that they had decided it’s the other guy’s fault and that his insurance will pay for it, they just don’t know when. But if we’d like to pay our deductible now and have it fixed, they’ll go after him and get our money back. Eventually.

unnamedI’m thinking NO.

Anyway, I got the homework done that I could last night and I got some things at home organized, so that helped. Right now I’m just trying real hard not to hurl. Did I mention that these pills are going to kill me?

h856C1A76ETA:  When in doubt, go ahead and barf, you’ll feel better.