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angelouRewind to Friday – I got the rental car arranged and was able to leave work on time because they were kind enough to come get me. (Enterprise Rental Car is AMAZING!) And because their rates are so good, I was able to get a brand new, full size Grand Cherokee to drive that’s within my daily allowance. I just can’t smoke in it. I kind of don’t care about that because I haven’t been smoking much lately anyway. (it’s probably time to just quit already)

Also got a call from the dermatologist’s office. I again explained that the situation is rather urgent because a) hurts like fucking hell and b) lots and lots of blood. I have an appointment for Monday afternoon, which remarkably enough, is not in February.

Mom and I got a fuckton of stuff done yesterday, though sadly there is every bit as much to be done today. The only difference is that the stuff yesterday was running errands and trying to make a dent in cleaning out/organizing my nieces’ play room and today will be spent catching up on multiple weeks worth of housework here.

The saga of the Knee-high Black Boots continues. (did I even mention this?) The pair I ordered from Zappos arrived on Friday and I couldn’t zip them up. They’re a size 11 wide. So I’m exchanging them for a size 12 wide. If the second pair doesn’t fit I’m just sending the boots back, keeping the empty shoe boxes, and I’ll fucking wear those. ARGH.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see just how much of a half gallon of pre-mixed ice coffee I can drink before upsetting the delicate balance in my gut.