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10351461_596218957161926_1230630163529019106_nThat has nothing to do with anything, but it’s funny as fuck. You’re welcome.

We did actually get every single thing I wanted us to done yesterday. That may well be a first. I don’t know, but it definitely felt GOOD. All of the chores, all of the errands, some re-organization because of the trip, all of our homework… Every last fucking bit of that shit got DONE.

10486221_273996892772459_3301388749592071097_nI even managed to kind of get ahead with my homework for the week. Well, I would be ahead if that cunt of a prof would open up the discussion board so I could post this shit. Whatevs, I’m ready when she does. I have my little response all typed up and I’ll just have to copy and paste.

10514498_274093586096123_3121081736912990929_nI have a Building Rome post all ready to go, but it seems that our friend Green Embers is MIA right now. I’ll put it out as soon as I can put in the right link.

Anyway, it should be an interesting day. Lord knows I’m ready for it. I’ve got stuff to do – asses to kick and names to take. YEEHAW!