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random bannerSorry kids, I’ve been awake – WIDE AWAKE – since 3:30am. I laid there for awhile and tried to go back to sleep but my brain was having no fucking part of it. So I got to business.

I started and finished one of the knitting projects for a care package. I made myself a to do list for the rest of the week. And I’ve started thinking about what my goals should be for next week.

That damn brain of mine just won’t shut the fuck up sometimes.

squirrel_water_skiing-13224Anyway, I saw the dermatologist yesterday. When I got to her office there was not a single fucking parking spot left. Can you say “pissed off?” And she was running late again. But since I was running late because of the parking spot fiasco I left my bag of knitting in the jeep. Fortunately she wasn’t running too late. She looked at my legs and asked me about my new routine and said that I’m making good progress. For now we aren’t going to change anything, except she’s encouraging me to get back on the treadmill. (I asked about it) And before I left I scheduled a follow up appointment for December. So yay.

Back to this morning…

When I got to the office I started working on tearing the place apart again. For some reason (re:  broken brain) I’ve decided I don’t like how it looks. So I’m jacking with the lighting and with the placement of decorative bits and I’m removing some bits, you know, crazy shit like that. Sadly I am in the hinterlands all day today and only had a short bit to work on it. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish my grand plan. Of course that means I’ll have to devise a grand plan…

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