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doll8That’s really how I feel right now. Like all of my bits and pieces are disjointed. It SUCKS.

I managed to get bits of work done today, but not like I had wanted to. That really disappointed me, especially since tomorrow I’m leaving at noon to go with Josh to see a new psych doc. And I had forgotten that I was spending the afternoon at the remote office so I wasn’t at all prepared.

When Josh took his afternoon break he sent me a text saying that the jeep, MY jeep, wouldn’t start. He was sure it was just the battery and he still had the jumper cables in the back from when we took the road trip. No sweat, one of the fellas at the plant would give him a jump start and maybe we’d end up needing a new battery. Fifty bucks, TOPS.

So… it’s been towed to the mechanic’s shop to see what’s really wrong.

I didn’t get my walk in tonight, I didn’t have a chance to fix my homework, I didn’t get to do any of the shit I’d normally do on a Wednesday night because HE has been here.

I. Cannot. Fucking. Win.