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10719154_738339212913525_1194424343_nI’m listening to Dropkick Murphys and contemplating homicide. I think this is the start of a FUCKING PHENOMENAL day, what do you think?

unnamedThere’s an officially official thingy at work today that doesn’t start until 4pm (when I’m supposed to go home!) that my boss is insisting I attend. Since all of the high muckity-mucks will be there I figured I should dress like a big kid and maybe wear our school colors to show some spirit or something. Our colors are red, black, and white – cuz we are totally fucking original. Whee. Anyway, I have a bitchin’ pair of red rose socks that I thought would be a great addition to the ensemble. Except my little black Mary Jane Skechers don’t fit anymore.

huhI am 38 years old and evidently my feet are still fucking growing. So, no cute black shoes for me today. I contemplating wearing clogs, but my black clogs are pretty fucking ragged looking. And of course the black boots which may or may not fit still haven’t arrived. I’m not sure if this really works or not, but it’s the best I could do.

2014-10-29 07.37.56I am SO fucking classy, no? NO. Moving on…

I got part way to work and realized that my tea bottle, which is really an old 64 oz juice bottle I’ve recycled, is still sitting in the drain rack in the kitchen. Stopped at the convenience store to get something to drink today and got to have a conversation with the clerk about dragonflies having sex in midair. That was swell.

I got to work and went to put away my tea and my breakfast/lunch bits in my personal office fridge (as in it was a Christmas gift from my folks for ME and it lives in MY office) and there’s NO ROOM because someone has put a gigantic fucking bowl of leftover fried chicken in there. (apparently this is the portion of the program where I sound like a spoiled brat) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind letting folks stash stuff in there now and again, but I had to play fucking Tetris just to get my stuff in there and I couldn’t even get it all.

1383643_813589495358567_961812347528602858_nSo my morning is not really off to a swell start. My boss and one of my co-workers are out at a conference and I’m supposed to be taking care of some shit, but of course no one has bothered to give me all the details and I’m not even sure who to get them from. And the work just keeps coming…

I called and left a message with the Grad Studies people yesterday about my degree shit and it turns out that the person I need to talk to is an old knitting buddy. Well, she’s not sure she’s the person, but she’s going to help me. She’s thinking we’ll have to get approval from the Cunty Prof. (new name, you like?)

2014-09-09 23.07.52I’m really just thinking I should set out an anxiety pill now so that I take it this afternoon. I haven’t taken the afternoon dose in ages, but I think today I just might benefit from more meds.