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10483907_692280644189771_8440997391898688184_nI am so fucking done with this shit, honestly. I’ve got a project that needs to be done for work by Monday and there’s no way I’m going to get it done before I leave at 3. I can’t fucking concentrate for shit. I finally got in touch with the claims guy and he says they should be able to fix it, he doesn’t know for sure because they still haven’t done the full tear down of the front end yet, but his estimate so far is only about $2300. HOWEVER, best case scenario is that it will be ready on November 10th.


All Josh has to say is that he’s sorry. SORRY. Yeah, I bet you’re sorry motherfucker. He isn’t the one who’s been inconvenienced pretty well constantly through this whole ordeal. He still gets to drive a vehicle he can smoke in. He isn’t dealing with the near crippling stress from all of this bullshit. He hasn’t had the fucking shits every goddamn morning for two weeks. And he sure as hell isn’t the one worried the money right now.