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I’m not sure how it is where you live right now, but given that the fucking general election here is on Tuesday damn near every commercial on both the tv and the radio is some schmuck running for office bashing some other schmuck running for office.


So here’s one of Mama’s dirty little secrets – I don’t vote. I’ve never even registered to vote. I’m 38 years old which means I’ve been eligible for 20 years now and I have NEVER ONCE done it.

I don’t care.

They’re all liars and cheats and dirty rotten bastards. They make shady deals with special interest groups to line their fat pockets with even more money they didn’t really earn. They’re shipping our jobs to other places where the labor is cheaper and the laborers are treated like chattel. They back stab, they say shitty things about each other, hell, a good chunk of them voted to SHUT DOWN our fucking government but they kept on giving themselves paychecks!

Nope, not for me.

However, here’s the (sort of) important thing to know – I also don’t bitch about any one politician in particular. I hate all of them equally. But I didn’t take part in putting them in office so I don’t consider myself justified in bitching about what a lousy fucking job they’re doing.

Just please, make the rotten commercials go away…