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2014-10-19 07.17.39I kind of feel like this little guy. I know there’s stuff I’m supposed to do, and I know I’m doing part of it, but I don’t quite have all of my “poo in a pile” as Miss K would say.

The last of the care packages really did get sent on Monday so I’m done crafting for those. I’ve started working on the (fucking) towel again and I’m nearing the end, I think. I got registered for my class and, since it’s during my normal working hours, got all of that scheduling bullshit squared away. And this morning I had the start of what I think was an idea for some of the Christmas stuff.


I haven’t been on the treadmill at all, I haven’t brushed/flossed consistently, I haven’t been doing even a mediocre job of dealing with my skin, and that idea this morning does not an entire plan make.

1497500_785572178167124_4317280965897355600_nYeah. So I keep trying to remind myself that today is ONLY Wednesday. Josh will be going to school tonight so I should be able to walk no problem. And actually, I should be able to get a decent amount of other shit done. I’ve been keeping up on the laundry and, except for the desks and his dresser, it’s remarkably tidy down here.

Time for Mama to cut herself some fucking slack already.

10306623_798192053581628_2325394430755015375_nAre you ever ridiculously hard on yourself like this? How do you combat it?