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Share one of your good or bad habits and persuade readers to make it part of their life.

That was the original prompt, but I don’t know that I’d want to persuade anyone to take on any of my bad habits. Maybe a few of the good ones, but not the bad ones. So I thought maybe I’d just give y’all a list of things I consider to be my good and bad habits and let you decide.

Bad Habits

  • I still smoke. Not a lot, less than half a pack a day right now, but still.
  • I swear way too much.
  • I don’t eat right.
  • I don’t drink any water if I can avoid it.
  • I don’t exercise enough.

Good Habits

  • I am incredibly organized.
  • I prefer to get my work done first and then go do fun stuff.
  • I’ve gotten fairly good at being able to save money that I used to spend on garbage, like junk food out of the vending machines.
  • I try to plan our weekly meals around what the grocery stores have on sale, what I have coupons for, and what’s already in the fridge/freezer. Mom and I make a menu every week to make this happen.
  • I hate leaving things unfinished.
  • I understand the importance of taking care of myself first so that I can take care of others.

What are some of your good and bad habits?