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This came from another prompt which asked, “are you messy? or are you neat?”

Oh for fuck sake, are you kidding me???

rotten humanLet me provide some examples for you, in case I haven’t yet proven how anal-fucking-retentive I am about my organization.

  • At work yesterday I took all of the k-cups off the little spinner thing and then grouped them according to type of coffee or tea.
  • I also emptied the combined boxes of pods and sorted them before putting them into big plastic zipper bags, one flavor per bag.
  • When I got home I cleaned out my desk drawer.
  • My closet is color coordinated.
  • My sock drawer is segregated by type of sock. Holiday socks are also separated.
  • My underwear drawer is also neat, the bras separate from the panties separate from the other under bits. Everything is folded.
  • It drives me batty if the bed doesn’t get made every day.
  • I put my backpack and purse in the exact same place every day. Every. Day.
  • Most of the ridiculous little pictures I use here I’ve found on Facebook or they come from Josh. I keep them in my Dropbox account in very neatly organized folders, sorted by category and then more granular by sub-category.
  • If my work area feels too chaotic I cannot get any work done until I’ve done something to mitigate the chaos. Physical chaos amounts to mental chaos for me.
  • In the same vein, if my brain feels too chaotic I will look for something physical to organize as a way to calm myself.

It’s probably a sickness.