So you know I’m working on my Christmas plan, or at least you should. Trying to figure out who I’m getting/making stuff for and how to budget for all of it. And I’ve reached a conclusion of sorts…

Some of these people (namely at work) don’t need anything. They’re employed, they make good money, and they can buy themselves any damn thing they want. So why should I waste my time or money on getting/making them something they don’t need/want?

But I want to do something nice. So here’s my idea – I’ll make a donation to a charity in their “collective” name. I really like this idea. I did it one year for Mom, made a donation to the homeless shelter she supports in her name. She really liked that. So that part was easy to figure out. This part is not…

Which charity to donate to?

The homeless shelter Mom supports is local and very well run. There’s the United Way, but they do a big campaign every fall and I’m not that keen on how they’re soliciting these days. I will NOT donate a damn thing to the Salvation Army. I had thought about a thing Food Network supports called No Kid Hungry. I know I don’t want to do anything tied to a church or religious organization.

So here’s what I’m asking of you – if you were going to do this, who would you donate the money to?