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Winter has officially landed in my part of the country. The 5 day forecast has us reaching the freezing point as a HIGH only once. I’m not really bitching, I mean we had a pretty phenomenal summer and a real autumn for a change. I’ve known this was coming. But fuck, it’s COLD out there!

1234875_595869560451103_1623228963_nMy biggest problem with winter is that the cold dry air sucks what little moisture my skin has and I’m left with dry patches that itch like mad and my thumb and index finger on my right hand crack at the tips. It hurts like fuck. So, I put on lotion – simple solution, right?

10552388_340679709420577_791873650460408261_nNothing is easy with Mama, especially where skin is concerned. See, I’m allergic to this stuff called paraben. It’s a preservative and it’s found in damn near every cosmetic product, including nearly every lotion. I have found 2 choices for lotion – Aveeno and Eucerin. Neither smells good, they’re both expensive, but holy fucking hell do they work.

praise jesusWhat petty little thing about winter would you like to bitch about?5a25fc449a0445c319435c743ab2c390c96293efda579d0eea3fe9d2804208db