So evidently I was not the only one to have this brilliant “send the nice people Christmas cards” idea. In fact, JackieP had it last year. (did anyone else know about this? where in the hell was I?) My friend Fish of Gold told me about Jackie’s Great Christmas Card Exchange and so now I’m doing hers, as well as sending cards here, so I thought maybe you nice people would want to meet some of the nice people there and we could all like mingle and junk. Sounds amazing, right?

2014-11-14 17.49.51Evie Cat will supervise while simultaneously helping to make the bed.

And now I’m off to see what all I can get done before the kid arrives and we start crafting. I hope. I managed to find the other stash of shrinky dinks that I’d inadvertently hidden from myself and I have some interesting ideas for them. And I need to draw more. Snowflakes.

snowflake10001That little pretty is now up on my Redbubble store, just in case anyone is interested.