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2014-11-11 11.33.24Oh sweet jesus, do I ever…

So here’s some tidbits that I feel compelled to share so that perhaps y’all won’t have to suffer like I have.

1450663_800365983364235_5374548286609837054_nBaked potatoes, even when made in the oven, need to be poked with a fork or sharp knife so that they can vent steam. If not, they will explode. A baked potato exploding in the oven sounds rather like a gun shot. And a grown woman is perfectly capable of pissing her own pants when faced with that noise.

Cone-of-Dumb-UpgradeThen last night, well, this morning – 3AM – I got up to pee and on the way back to bed found the desk with the smallest two toes on my left foot. I’m fairly sure they’re broken. It was really hard not to scream. The stupid this is that I’ve had the furniture arranged exactly like that since they finished the bathroom down there.

indifferent catAnyone else having a rough day?