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At some point in the not so distant past I think I said something about someone reminding me to tell you about the geese. Well you lousy bums, no one did. I had to remind myself. Thanks.

10599263_10153123786258378_2530522881510421676_nAnyway, I’m pretty sure y’all know about A, my 4 year old niece. That kid has a mouth on her already that makes Mama so proud. But she’s also super kind hearted. There’s one of those man-made lakes smack ass on top of an old landfill in their neighborhood and the geese love it. Now that it’s bitter fucking cold here, she’s just convinced that the geese are cold and she wants to do something about it.

Anyone else remember that Aunt Erin is a knitter?

So I got a phone call at work last week and I could tell right away that Mom was calling from the car which means speaker phone is in action. From the back I hear A calling out, “Aunt Erin, we need sweaters! The geese are so cold, please?”

Oh sweet jesus. Mom obviously called me which meant she couldn’t figure out how to talk A out of this brilliant plan. Time to punt.

Honey, geese have special feathers that keep them really super warm in the winter. If I knit them sweaters they’d get too warm and then they’d be all sweaty, and no one likes a sweaty goose.

She bought that shit.