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2014-11-18 20.40.59No, not inter-species sex you perverts! Mama likes Lego. And Nanoblocks.

2014-11-19 17.27.18For those who haven’t encountered them yet, those are Nanoblocks. Josh did the guitar and I did the hummingbird and dragonfly. The wings on both of those suckers actually move, on purpose. I also have an unopened pouch yet for a butterfly.

2014-11-19 17.40.18standard bottle of OPI nail polish included for scale –

over 130 pieces in that itty bitty pouch

I’m not that thrilled with the colors of the butterfly, (mostly brown in the wings) but the Target store where I’ve been getting these doesn’t have a super selection and I’m kind of afraid to go looking online. My guess is that I’ll get even more addicted. I also still have a big ass Lego kit from our trip to the Lego store at the Mall of America.

2014-11-19 17.40.58

731 pieces – wowza! The nice old guy at the store told me he was sure I’d have no problems seeing as I looked like a smart kid.

The funny this is that Legos weren’t a big interest for me as a kid. We had them, the standard jumble of random blocks that everyone had back then, and I’d mess with them but I wasn’t as intrigued as I seem to be now. And now I’m only interested in the kits. If I were to compare this to knitting I would say that I am a product Lego’er, meaning that I’m way more interested in the end thing than I am in the physical process of making it myself. I’m mostly like that with any craft or project I do; it’s all about the thing that I end up with.

How about the rest of you creative folks – would you say you’re more into the process of doing the thing or more into the product and having something to use/look at/etc at the end?