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Anyone else remember back to October 16th? The day before we headed north for our little weekend trip? That was the day Josh got in the car accident with the douche who lives two houses up from us.

Today is… November 20. I am STILL driving that fucking rental car because the auto body shop STILL has my fucking Honda. According to the woman I just spoke to at GEICO my claims adjuster is some schmuck named Ricky. I’ve never talked to Ricky. I talked to some guy named Harold, but never Ricky. And every goddamn time that body shop says they’ll be done by X date, they fucking find more shit wrong with the car.

It sounds to me like they went about it all wrong. They didn’t actually tear down the entire front end like they said they would. They took off the outside pieces and fixed those and then discovered the mechanical and structural damage underneath. And every time that happened the parts had to be ordered.

Yesterday was the latest missed completion date, so now I’m really pissed. The temperature outside is hovering below freezing which means ALL of my nicotine today is coming in where it’s cold. Josh doesn’t seem to appreciate in the least that I haven’t been able to smoke in a vehicle except on the weekend in going on a fucking month. And he didn’t actually set aside the $250 to cover the deductible, so I’ll have to figure out where to come up with that.

There’s more going on that just this, but this is really more than enough for right now. I’m seriously contemplating changing insurance companies when this is all done. No one who’s been involved in this fucked up process seems to give a fuck – including Josh.