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You’re probably going to notice that the closer it gets to the holidays, the more I want to “nest” by doing craft projects. Too bad for you poor bastards, you’re going to see ALL of them! BWAHAHAHAHA!

This is my latest creation which was not an original thought. I swiped the idea from here, and she apparently swiped it from someone else. Because that’s how the interwebs work, yo.

2014-11-21 06.08.21These are glass marble glitter magnets. I used the large, flat glass floral marbles, E9001 adhesive, glitter glue, and super strong magnets. The lady I got the idea from had her kids paint glue on the back of the marbles and dip then in different kinds of glitter. That sounded way too fucking messy to me.

2014-11-16 20.26.37naked marbles, glitter glue, nasty paint brush


2014-11-16 20.27.35turd-esque glob of glitter glue on the back of a marble


2014-11-16 20.36.37you get the idea

I ended up doing 3 coats of glitter glue to get the right density. Once everything was totally dry I put a little dab of the E9001 on the back and topped it with a magnet. Voila. The downside is that it did take several days because I was doing this at night and had to let the glitter shit dry before putting on another coat. But it was a hell of a lot easier using that glitter glue than having bowls of glitter sitting out. I’m also thinking this would work well with nail polish, if you have a stash of that around. I’m actually contemplating trying that this weekend. With the nail polish you could probably get some nifty marbling effects with drops of different colors swirled with a toothpick.