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2014-11-22 16.51.21

Another craft project, yay! This one has been in the works for awhile now, at least a week. I found the idea on Pinterest and then all of us got in on the action. They’re going to be our primary (only?) outside winter decorations, aside from a wreath on the front door I think.

Today has been wall to wall busy. Mom and I went out for breakfast, ran to 3 different grocery stores – taking time to get supplies for a food drive going on for one of the homeless shelters at the one store – then Target to get supplies for the girls’ birthdays (there was a local motorcycle club there at the time buying the place out of frozen turkeys to donate to some charity, we weren’t sure which one), cleaned out and organized the deep freeze and both fridges/freezers and the kitchen pantry, plus we got out the Christmas decorations we’ve decided to put up this year and got the tree put together so that when the girls come over next Friday they can decorate it.


Josh just left to pick up what is, in my humble little opinion, some of the very best pizza in this area. It should go nicely with the SEVEN containers of ice cream we currently have. And no, they aren’t mostly empty – I think most of them have been purchased within the last week.

When we were getting the Christmas stuff out I found my stash of cards. This is no shit – it fills a plastic shoe box. So honestly kids, doesn’t anyone want a card from me?